Buy-Side and Sell-Side M&A Advisory Services

Buy-Side Transactions


Sell-Side Transactions

DH76 Capital offers sophisticated buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory services for companies seeking to undertake acquistions, sales or other liquidity events. Leveraging extensive experience in optimizing client value for both complete and partial exits, our approach involves utilizing our comprehensive network of strategic buyers, private equity funds, and the rapidly evolving family office sector. This strategy is designed to foster a competitive environment, enhancing valuations and ensuring a successful transaction completion.

Sell-Side Advisory

DH76 Capital discreet and confidential marketing strategy, honed through extensive M&A experience, is meticulously customized to each client’s objectives and timeline. Our profound industry insight and commitment to thorough research enable us to identify a wide range of prospective buyers, both financial and strategic, across the U.S. and internationally. This disciplined approach focuses on engaging a broad spectrum of potential buyers, often unknown to our clients at the outset. This method consistently results in multiple offers, optimized valuations, and favorable deal terms, demonstrating our unique positioning in the marketplace.

At DH76 Capital, the complex process of selling a business is managed with comprehensive preparation, expert negotiation, and deep market understanding. Our team offers specialized valuation, analytical prowess, and superior deal-making capabilities, coupled with access to a diverse range of national and international buyers. Serving as your trusted advisor throughout the sale, we navigate each step, advocating for your interests, and leveraging our extensive experience and resources to achieve a successful transaction closure.

Buy-Side Advisory

In addition, DH76 Capital offers buy-side advisory services to potential acquirers pursuing an M&A growth strategy. From identification of potential targets to initiation of discussions and management of the due diligence process and final negotiations, DH76’s strong reputation, expansive reach and comprehensive transaction expertise makes us the ideal partner for growth oriented acquirers.